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This is a short video overview of the key elements of the SGSE as proposed for feedback.

Input and Insights Regarding the Key Elements of a Social Good "Stock" Exchange

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A Short Description

Welcome to the Social Good Exchange (SGE), a pioneering platform where financial markets meet philanthropy, creating profitable investments in social good. This course invites our advisory board members to explore and influence the platform’s development. Course Overview: Module 1: Causes and Investors Explore how entrepreneurs, non-profits, and investors collaborate to generate both financial returns and social impact. Module 2: Technology Structure and Functionality Delve into the technology enabling efficient transactions and accurate social good valuations while ensuring security and transparency. Module 3: Regulation Understand the regulatory framework essential for operational integrity and stakeholder protection. Module 4: Founders / Board of Advisors Learn about the strategic roles of the Founders and Board of Advisors in guiding the exchange towards its mission. Engaging with the Course: Each module includes a short video and description that detail each key element. After reviewing the materials, you’re encouraged to answer open-ended "quizzes" designed to gather your insights, not to assess right or wrong answers. Your feedback is crucial to refining the SGE and making social good investing a mainstream, profitable venture. We value your expertise and look forward to your contributions to this innovative project.

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