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A new era of wealth building from social good

Key Elements

Causes and Investors

This key element is made of entrepreneurs and their companies, non-profits and causes, primary and secondary investors, traders, brokers, banks, underwriters, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension and investment funds, as well as indexes.


This key element is made of legal experts, policy analysts, compliance experts in ethics, consumer affairs, truth and accountability and may include an actual regulatory body. 

Technology Structure and Functionality

This key element focuses on the technology responsible for the logistics of facilitating activities of market participants, including buying, selling, exchanging, charting, analyzing, and assigning value. One highly important aspect of this element is the ability to apply and assign value of social good with accuracy, transparency and consistency.

Founders/ Board of Advisors

This key element is made of leaders and experts in non-profit and for-profit sectors who share their expertise, insights and connections to further the mission of making social good profitable. Official Founders and Board Reps begin as  un-official advisory board. 

In a Meeting

Informal Advisory Board

This project is at its formative stages. So we're partnering with key players and stakeholders with decades of experience in financial and non-profit sectors to design the roles and structures of what we know will soon become the only game worth playing. You're invited to join this band of heroes as an Unofficial Advisor where you'll enjoy anonymity of your connection to the new project while connecting with high level leaders at the beginning of an innovative project. 

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