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Our Vision

Together, we envision a world where we value contribution over consumption - a world where the masses flock to societal and environmental solutions like investors toward the next wealth promising technology - where one less hungry child, one more family housed and one more tree saved can be as valuable if not more valuable than any popular product - a world where social good is the product. 

Our Story

There is no shortage of community and global issues, but there seems to be a shortage in our motivation to address those issues - with contributions to causes receiving a fraction of the investments garnered by profitable ventures.


In December of 2021, a fundraising platform launched with high hopes of changing our relationship to charitable giving by turning causes into income streams.

In the year that followed,  founders realized that causes may still struggle to compete with lucrative ventures for investments toward our most critical issues; and the mission to make social good profitable and lucrative was born. 

Since then, leaders of industry in finance, economics, philanthropy, charitable giving, media, venture capital and more have all found unlimited wealth and impact potential in the higher cause of the Social Good Exchange (SGE). 

What could the world be if the solutions to its challenges were as lucrative as the greatest investments of our time?

While we play the game of consumption, a digital era is showing us how value can be assigned to things like images and digital real estate. What if social good could join the ranks?

Today, an Informal Board of "Unofficial Advisors" with decades of experience joins forces to design the answer that is profitable social good. 

Experienced Leadership




At this stage, we take the idea: making social good profitable through a structures similar to traditional investment vehicles; and we refine this idea using the best minds of experience to  design sound structures and strategies for implementation



At this stage, select members of the Informal Advisory Board become Official Board Members in support of implementing our carefully crafted and tested strategy. 



At this stage, a strong network of advisors along with a growing community of support launch a platform bridging social good and wealth generation. 

In a Meeting

Informal Advisory Board


Advisory Board

This project is at its formative stages. So we're partnering with key players and stakeholders with decades of experience in financial and non-profit sectors to design the roles and structures of what we know will soon become the only game worth playing. You're invited to join this band of heroes as an Unofficial Advisor where you'll enjoy anonymity of your connection to the new project while connecting with high level leaders at the beginning of an innovative project. 

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